1980 Hilsborean


Year Book Trivia Contest

See how many of these you can answer.... (note that page numbers refer to the on line version and may differ by a few pages from the hard copy due to scanning issues)

1. Who is the teacher on top of the file cabinet on page 5?

2. Who is kissing the 'H' on page 8?

3. Who is the drum major on page 16?

4. Who is Waddles (p 17)?

5. Who is the blurry photographer on page 41?

6. What was MATS anyway?

7. What happened to exchange student Ulf Ringhertz?  (see his classmate page)

8. Who is #5 on page 106?

9. Why is she so suprised on page 139?

10. Who is the pregnant one on page 168?

11. Whose hands on page 223?

12. Who is the ghoul on page 242?

13.  Who owned the Nova on page 293?

14. How much did it cost Chip Sullivan to have all those people pose with him on page 323?

15. Who are the kids on page 356?